High Yield

Why invest in High Yield Bonds

Key Indicators to consider before investing

Top 5 ETF’s by Market Capitalization

Name of the Fund Ticker Symbol /Total AUM* Year of Inception Expense Ratio
 iShares iBoxx $ High Yield Corporate Bond  HYG  04/04/2007  0.50%
SPDR Barclays Capital High Yield Bond  JNK  11/28/2007 0.40%
 SPDR  Barclays Short Term High Yield Bond   SJNK 03/14/2012  0.40%
PIMCO 0-5 Year High Yield Corporate Bond   HYS 6/16/2011  0.55%
iShares  0-5 Year High Yield Corporate Bond   SHYG  10/15/2013  0.30%


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